Cosulich Marine Energy network of offices, from Europe to Asia and the Americas to the Middle East, ensures we are always close to your business, delivering tailored maritime services with a local flair.


Bunker Broking, New Fuels, Physical Supply, Ship Management

We are based in Genoa

Our Italian headquarters serves as the heart of our operations, blending decades of industry experience with innovative solutions. From physical bunker deliveries to trading and ship management, we offer comprehensive services reflecting Italian dedication to excellence.

Offices italy

Office location

Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A.

Molo Ponte Morosini, 41
16126 Genova, ITALY

Our team

We are proud to have such a competent and experienced management team, ready to lead our company into the future and tackle emerging challenges in the bunker trading industry with determination and success.


Guido Cardullo

Head of Marine Energy
Ph. +1 201 372 1790
Mb. +1 201 275 7105

Chicca Franchini

Head of New Fuels
Ph. +39 010 2715367
Mb. +39 347 2634935

Pierpaolo Vinciguerra

Head of Ship Management - LNG Activities
Ph. +39 0586 201201
Mb. +39 340 1919394

Mirko Ratto

Bunker Broking Manager
Ph. +39 010 2715287
Mb. +39 348 2328744

Jacopo Pigliapochi

Commercial Director
Ph. +39 010 2715281
Mb. +39 349 2540877

Paola Celentani

Senior Bunker Broker

Ph. +39 010 2715283
Mb. +39 348 3104624

Silvia Corradi

Senior Bunker Broker
Ph. +39 010 2715293
Mb. +39 335 5763187

Pietro Seghezza

Bunker Broker and Operations
Ph. +39 010 2715294
Mb. +39 348 8437729

Federica Pizzaia

Bunker Broker
Ph. +39 010 2715286
Mb. +39 340 0752786

Matea Gudac

Junior Bunker Broker
Ph. +39 010 2715389
Mb. +39 342 1051215

Karin Girardi

Financial Executive
Ph. +39 010 2715285
Mb. +39 345 9054535

Alessandra Fortunato

Accounting and Finance Specialist
Ph. +39 010 2715366
Mb. +39 342 1253862

Giulia Lagomarsino

Business Development Executive
Ph. +39 010 2715323
Mb. +39 349 0090647

Our services

Marine Energy specializes in providing a wide range of services in the field of bunker trading. With a deep understanding of the maritime industry and a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we facilitate efficient fuel procurement and supply solutions for vessels across global ports.

Our team’s expertise, market insights, and strategic partnerships enable us to optimize fuel sourcing, delivery, and pricing, ensuring seamless operations and client satisfaction.

From traditional marine fuels to emerging sustainable alternatives, we tailor our services to meet the evolving needs of the industry while maintaining environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

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