Cosulich Marine Energy network of offices, from Europe to Asia and the Americas to the Middle East, ensures we are always close to your business, delivering tailored maritime services with a local flair.

Talent Growth

At Marine Energy, we believe that our strength lies in the growth and development of our talents. We foster a nurturing environment where individuals are given the tools, opportunities, and mentorship to excel.

Work environment

The united working atmosphere at Marine Energy demonstrates our commitment to developing potential. We believe in creating a helpful and empowering environment in which people can thrive. We benefit from significant resources and a great market reputation as part of the prestigious Cosulich Group while maintaining a family business ethic.
Our familiar tradition places great emphasis on values, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and the significance of every member of our team. Our inclusive and diverse work culture, characterized by a dynamic mix of youth and international professionals, sets the stage for an environment that sprouts collaboration, flexibility, and innovation, ensuring overall growth and success.

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Our pillars


We embrace and celebrate diversity in our team, fostering an inclusive work culture that values unique perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas, creating a richer and more dynamic environment.

Young professionals

The youthful energy and fresh ideas infused in our team is vibrant and innovative, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry developments.

International reach

As part of the Cosulich Group, we are deeply connected to the global shipping and logistics network, providing a truly international perspective that enriches our understanding and approach to the marine energy industry.

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Why should you choose us?

Choosing Cosulich Marine Energy means choosing a partner that is committed to your success and growth.

We invest in you by providing you with the tools and resources you need to progress and excel. Our dedication to your professional journey is reflected in our commitment to key items, such as promoting career advancement, providing comprehensive benefits, facilitating collaborative teamwork skill development, and reinforcing extensive networking opportunities. We are driven by a spirit of innovation and success that underpins everything we do, making us the ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic and supportive environment where their talents can thrive.

Our Youth Committee Program

The Youth Committee is an ambitious initiative gathering colleagues under the age of 35 within the Group, bringing together young minds from various parts of the world, not only actively working on new projects together but also proposing modern ideas and objectives. ​​

The project, designed by and for young professionals, aims to be a bridge between the new generations of the Group and the Board, creating opportunities to get involved and to develop new skills, connections, and synergies between colleagues worldwide.

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Career progression, benefits, teamwork, skill development, networking, and adapting to change, all while striving for success and innovation.

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We develop professionals. We assist all employees and managers in becoming more successful through strength development, establishing transparent expectations, encouragement and continuous feedback.

We build relationships. We establish internal Group connections, as well as external, to build trust, share ideas and demonstrate diligence during challenging times.

We lead change. We recognize that change is essential and disruption is expected. We set goals for change and lead purposeful efforts to align performance with our stated vision.

Team experience

At Marine Energy, our team is our greatest asset. With a collective experience spanning decades, each member brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insights from various facets of the maritime fuel sector. From veterans who have navigated the intricacies of the industry to dynamic young professionals bringing fresh perspectives, our team's diverse experience ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, consistently delivering innovative solutions and setting benchmarks in marine diesel provisions.

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We deeply believe in investing in your professional path. Our dynamic and inclusive culture fosters innovation and collaboration. The Cosulich Group has family roots, and we are determined to provide the same supportive environment in which your talent can flourish.

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