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Physical Supply

We stand as a trusted provider of top-quality bunker fuels in key global ports, including the dynamic hubs of Singapore and Genoa. Guided by an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, we want to ensure our products meet the highest standards. With our ISCC Certification, we deliver top-notch fuels and biofuels blends, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient maritime future.

Fueling the future: Marine Energy's trusted bunker supply in Singapore

In 2005, Fratelli Cosulich launched its physical bunker supply activity in the port of Singapore, with the goal of providing a reliable and transparent service to the players of the sector. After 18 years of activities, we are widely appreciated and we currently own five bunker tankers, fully managed in-house by our Ship Management department.

Among our vessels, Margherita Cosulich has a special importance and relevance in terms of innovation, equipped with a second mass flow meter, making her ready for dual-grade bunker delivery operations.
All our barges are capable of handling fuel supply blends up to 24% of Biofuel (B24), in accordance with Singapore MPA regulation.

Our team, which is currently in charge of daily operations for 18 owned and operated barges, provides operations and programming services to the Oil Majors.
Fratelli Cosulich is currently building barges that will be capable of supplying 100% Biofuel (B100), ready for Methanol and Bio-Methanol delivery. The first barge will be ready in Q2 2024.

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Elevating bunker supply in Genoa: Fratelli Cosulich's excellence

In 2019, in collaboration with two business partners leading players in their area of expertise, Fratelli Cosulich launched its physical bunker supply business in the port of Genoa, Italy. More specifically, we are regularly supplying VLSFO and MGO by barges and trucks in the ports of Genoa, Savona, and Vado Ligure.

With a strong commitment to maintain a high quality of the fuel, Fratelli Cosulich is sourcing its straight-run VLSFO, directly and exclusively from a highly reputable inland Italian refinery.

Our supply chain is monitored from the refinery to the vessel, allowing us to have full control on the performance of the delivery and the quality of the product, ensuring the highest qualitative specifications.

Furthermore, being our physical supply chain certified ISCC, we are able to supply any kind of Biofuel blends, according to our customers' requests.

Our value-added into the Physical Supply's activities:

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First Italian flag vessel

Our LNG Small Scale units proudly carry the Italian flag, representing our dedication to advancing Italy's presence in the global maritime landscape. As the first Italian-flagged vessels of their kind, they serv as symbols of our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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Mediterranean area service

These units are not just vessels: they are a vital link to the Mediterranean area. Equipped with the capability to navigate this complex region, they ensure a reliable and efficient supply of LNG to meet the energy demands of Mediterranean nations.

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Most advanced technology available

Our LNG vessels are at the forefront of technology. They feature state-of-the-art equipment and systems that enable them to operate with the highest efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

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Dedicated Ship Management team

Behind the success of our LNG Small Scale units is a dedicated shipmanagement team. Comprising experienced professionals with a deep understanding of LNG operations, this team ensures smooth and reliable vessel management, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Our services

Marine Energy specializes in providing a wide range of services in the field of bunker trading. With a deep understanding of the maritime industry and a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we facilitate efficient fuel procurement and supply solutions for vessels across global ports.

Our team’s expertise, market insights, and strategic partnerships enable us to optimize fuel sourcing, delivery, and pricing, ensuring seamless operations and client satisfaction.

From traditional marine fuels to emerging sustainable alternatives, we tailor our services to meet the evolving needs of the industry while maintaining environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

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