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Fratelli Cosulich Group completed the first Bio Fuel supply on a container vessel in Genoa



May 03, 2023

In a bid to pave the way toward a more sustainable shipping industry, Fratelli Cosulich together with Hapag-Lloyd have made significant strides in recent years.

Following the introduction of the IMO sulphur cap in 2020, Fratelli Cosulich began its physical supplier setup in Genoa, providing VLSFO and LSMGO sourced from IPLOM, a local refinery situated close to the port. The shipping industry is set to face an increase in biofuel demand due to the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) by 2024. This market-based approach aims to provide economic incentives for reducing the emissions of pollutants. In response to this, Fratelli Cosulich, in partnership with IPLOM, has begun producing and supplying its own Bio VLSFO to reduce the GHG intensity of marine fuels and meet the stringent EU requirements.

In February 2023, Fratelli Cosulich became the first supplier in Italy and one of the first in Europe to deliver Bio VLSFO. Hapag-Lloyd, who is continuously working on reducing its carbon footprint on its journey to becoming climate neutral by 2045, has provided their full support and has indicated one of their vessels to run this test. The delivery happened in collaboration with Genoa-based barge company Ottavio Novella. The container vessel burnt with no issue the fuel, which is made up of 10% bio component sourced from an Italian biorefinery ISCC certified. This Bio fuel will enable vessel owners and charterers to reduce GHG emissions by 10% and lower the cost of ETS coverage.

Fratelli Cosulich is taking further steps to position itself as a leader in sustainable fuel solutions. In addition to its new biofuel options, the company has invested in new LNG bunker vessels, and is studying the use of Methanol as marine fuel. These efforts are a testament to Fratelli Cosulich’ commitment to reducing GHG emissions and promoting a more sustainable future for the shipping industry. By expanding its range of eco-friendly fuel options, the company sets an example for others in the industry.

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