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Fratelli Cosulich Monaco proudly announces the achievement of ISCC certification



February 15, 2024

We are delighted to share a significant achievement by our colleagues at Fratelli Cosulich Monaco– the attainment of the esteemed ISCC certification. This accomplishment marks a crucial milestone in our steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and responsible business operations. Gianmichele Campanella, General Manager of Fratelli Cosulich Monaco, expressed his thoughts on this achievement, stating, "The ISCC certification underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility and validates our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on the communities we serve." This certification serves as a testament to our sustainable practices, further solidifying our position as a responsible and reliable organization. We extend our sincere gratitude to our entire team for their hard work, dedication, and passion in reaching this commendable milestone. Fratelli Cosulich Monaco is our fifth office to get the certification after Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A., Fratelli Cosulich Bunker HK, Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers (S), Fratelli Cosulich Unipessoal, as we collectively contribute to a more sustainable future. 

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