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Marine Energy Meeting took place in Athens


October 13, 2023

A Marine Energy Meeting just took place in Athens, Greece. 

Colleagues joined together, participating in different discussion tables, each one dedicated to many topics on the agenda. 

Participants took this opportunity for sharing and meeting to exchange ideas regarding several issues, including: future developments in Marine Fuel, upcoming trends and evolutions of new tools used crosswise by Marine Energy offices, and communication strategies that will be implemented in the near future. 

The colleagues participants were: Guido Cardullo, Diana Mok,, Chicca Franchini, Joe Zhou, Mirko Ratto, Sam Yip,, Yiannis Vassilatos, Alexandre Mulè, Anthi Tsahilidou, Ksanthipi Lapa, Gianmichele Campanella, Jacopo Pigliapochi, Kathryn Ahn, Vincent Lee, Karin Girardi, Alexandros Anagnostopoulos, and Silvia Corradi including also Giulia Cosulich and Massimo Ciardella representing the ESG and IT departments.

A great opportunity for exchange, to catch up on the latest news and take stock of the current situation and future prospects. 



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