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Silvia Bordoni as speaker at the Multiport's Annual Meeting



November 27, 2023

This year's annual Multiport meeting took place in Singapore, a pivotal location for the maritime industry, with agents attending from all over the world. Multiport is the oldest Association of Independent Ship Agents, with origins dating back to 1978 in Rotterdam. Today, it proudly represents the world's largest independent network of agents, spanning over 122 countries. Its presence reaches more than 1,800 ports, fostering connections with over 4,000 principals.

Among the distinguished personalities at this year's meeting of the Association, we are proud that Silvia Bordoni, our Fleet Manager in Singapore, had the opportunity to take part in the event as a guest speaker. Silvia engaged in a comprehensive discussion including pivotal subjects, such as the energy transition and measures to decarbonise the sector, with a focus on alternative fuels. Furthermore, the discussion explored shipowners’ fuel dilemmas regarding various aspects such as price, availability and type. The future holds multiple types of fuels, so their discussion is both relevant and necessary.

The Multiport meeting was an important and special exchange opportunity for all participants, accompanied by a traditional dinner and cocktail venue for members and clients.

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